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This month’s newsletter will focus on a member of the Black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) community with a disability who has chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  We highlight these stories in hopes they’ll help others who are considering the shot to make informed and confident decisions.

Jonathan Brown is a member of the BIPOC community with a disability, caused by a stroke. Because of this medical history, Brown was hesitant to receive his COVID-19 vaccine, but he decided to talk with his doctor to learn more.

“She insisted I get it,” Brown said.

Ultimately, Brown did get his shot, knowing he wanted to protect members of his family and community.  He especially wanted to protect his mom, who he attempted to convince to get a vaccine.

Brown’s mom received a mandate from her employer that she’d need to either get a vaccine or risk losing her job.

“She’s worked her job for forty years,” Brown explained.  “It makes her smile, and I love to see her smile, so I tried to tell her to get it.”

Ultimately, Brown’s mom chose not to get the vaccine, leaving her job behind.  However, Brown isn’t done with trying to convince her yet.

“What do you have to lose?” Brown said when asked what he would say to others who were hesitant about getting the vaccine.  “You either get the shot, or you get COVID.”

If you’re considering the COVID-19 vaccine but are feeling hesitant, reach out to your doctor or another medical professional you trust to find out which shot is best for you.

South Carolina Vaccine Access Hotline

If you have questions or need assistance with resources such as transportation or finding a vaccine site, the South Carolina Vaccine Access Hotline, run by the staff of Able South Carolina and Disability Rights South Carolina, can help.

 Give us a call at (800) 787-6046.  Things we can do to help:

  • Address any concerns you may have about getting the vaccine     
  • Find a trusted medical provider
  • Assist with vaccine appointment scheduling
  • Navigate transportation to get your vaccine
  • Offer resources and guidance on transportation to and from vaccine
  • Answer some of the most common disability-related questions related to the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Provide information about accessible vaccine sites based on crowdsourced data
  • Address other disability-related barriers about the vaccine you may be experiencing           


The staff of the Disability Vaccine Access Hotline are not licensed, medical providers.  They are unable to offer medical advice about the best vaccine for you or predict how the vaccine may affect you or your family

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