Disability Vaccine Access Leaders gathered in a group outside, holding up campagin banner reading, 'Protect your community, secure your shot.' From left to right, a young Black woman using a power wheelchair, a middle aged Hispanic woman standing and smiling, a senior Black woman with gray hair holding the banner and smiling. a young white woman with red hair holding the banner and standing while talking to her neighbor, a young adult Black man, a young Black toddler standing next to her mother, a Black woman with burn scars holding her infant Black son.

Protect Your Community. Secure Your Shot.

Senior Black woman smiles to the camera. Her hair is pulled back and she's wearing silver jewelry and a purple dress.

We all play a part in protecting our communities from getting sick with COVID-19 and helping to stop the spread of the disease. Misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine and barriers to vaccine access are common in South Carolina. We want to take action.

That's why last year we launched the SC Disability Vaccine Access Network.


We're still here. We're still listening. We're still working, for you!

The SC Disability Vaccine Access Network is here to help reduce barriers to vaccine access. One big barrier for people with disabilities is getting access to accurate, easy-to-understand facts!

We've got you covered. Our COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions from People with Disabilities (FAQ) answers the basics and more. On this page, you'll find questions, myth-busting, and vaccine facts that impact you as a person with a disability. Go to scdisabilityvaccine.org and click on "Learn the Facts" to be taken straight to our FAQ!

Young white woman with long red hair wearing a facemask holds a poster that reads, 'Protect your community. Secure your shot.'

How to navigate the FAQ:

There's lots of information in our FAQ. Here's how to find what you're looking for!

There are several sections that separate our facts:

Under Educate Yourself: What is COVID-19? What is my Risk? You'll find questions like:

  • How do you get COVID-19?
  • Why am I at higher risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19?
  • What is long COVID?

Under Vaccines: What are they? Why are they important? You'll find questions like:

  • How do the COVID-19 vaccines work?
  • Does the vaccine have the virus in it?
  • Why do I need a bivalent booster shot?
  • What are additional doses for people with compromised immune systems?
  • COVID-19 vaccine timelines!


Under Safety & Trust: Nervous? Trust these facts. You'll find questions like:

  • As a person with a disability, how do I know the vaccine is safe?
  • Why should I bother getting vaccinated if I can still get COVID-19?
  • I heard the vaccine was made quickly. Why should I trust it?

Under Protect Yourself & Others: What about at-risk groups? You'll find questions like:

  • Can children get the vaccine?
  • Myth busting about vaccination and your ability to have kids.
  • Why pregnant and breastfeeding people should get vaccinated.
  • Why people living in group homes or nursing homes should get vaccinated.
Black mother with burn scars and disabilities poses with her two children, a baby and a toddler.
Hispanic woman with a mask on smiles. She has curly brown hair and is wearing a button that reads, 'I'm vaccinated for my community.'

Under Direct Service Providers, Teachers, & Family: Why should I get vaccinated? you'll find answers like:

  • Friends and family of people with disabilities should get vaccinated
  • Direct service providers should get vaccinated
  • Teachers of students with disabilities should get vaccinated
  • Getting vaccinated protects the people with disabilities that you work with

Under Barriers: Don't let these stop you from getting vaccinated you'll find questions about:

  • How the COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone! You do not need insurance
  • How the COVID-19 vaccine is free for non-US citizens
  • How to get transportation to get your vaccine
  • How to access the vaccine site, based on your disability
  • How to get a vaccination at home, if you can't leave your home

Under Rights: What are my rights to access vaccines? we've got all the laws that make it possible for people with disabilities to access the vaccines they need to stay healthy and stay alive!

Under BIPOC: Are you a member of the BIPOC community? we've a link that will take you to another page of facts specifically written for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color!

Ready to Secure your shot? Call our hotline at 1-800-787-6046 to get started!

Young Black man with disabilities smiles while outside, wearing a button that reads, 'I'm vaccinated for my community.'


Contact our Vaccine Access Helpline at 1-800-787-6046.

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